All about coffeeRoasting is the art of making coffee

Roasting is the art of making coffee

In a tank heated between 200 and 250° C, the bean will swell and lose its humidity. Once, roasting or caramelizing is over, coffee will have increased its volume by 30% and lost about 22% of its weight. The beans will begin to crackle and form volatile aromatic oil. It is this oil that gives coffee its flavor. At this point we need to stop the cooking.

The roasting time is very important. A too long roasting will give a bitter and burnt taste to coffee. A too short roasting will not give any aroma to coffee. After roasting, the beans are cooled. The cooling must be fast, complete and effective because the beans will continue to roast until they are completely cold.

Depending on the country, people appreciate light roasts or dark ones. The art of roasting consists in being able to reproduce the same roasting: blonde, amber, monk's robe, brown or very dark.