Hey, my name is Bill or Sally

Hey, my name is Bill or Sally

Slow simmered, nutty textured farro makes an excellent companion to mild, tender fish. Farro, a type of wheat high in protein and fiber with lots of minerals and vitamins, proves more nutritious than white rice or refined grains. Look for farro in the natural food section of large supermarkets.

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Stuff in the clearance room upstairs is discounted 60% (double the usual discount). All Super Bowl Sales are FINAL. Not good. It will be another slow start for the Giants. Things lighten up with a bevy of divisional games midseason, but what looked like a winnable Monday nighter against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Nov.

I am extremely uncomfortable with how casually personal information was handled by both the store and by the previous “owner” of the boots. Should I just destroy that information and then ignore the incident? Part of me would like to try to take steps toward better consumer protection by notifying either or both parties. However I feel like one call to a large chain OR the local store would go nowhere.

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